Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this app different than other sports apps I’ve used?

RefRatings is the only app where you can vote on the calls made by officials. It is also the only app where you can have a virtual tailgate and chat with your friends using custom sports emojis as the scores and plays update in realtime.

How do I make my own calls?

To correct the call and make your own, press and hold the "thumbs down" symbol next to the live-stream play and pick the correct call of those provided.

What is the whistle at the bottom of the screen in the live play section?

The whistle is for any missed calls that you see that the officials did not make. You can make the call by holding down the whistle icon and picking the correct call of those provided.

How do I connect with friends who don’t have the app?

To invite friends to join RefRatings click on the "Friends" tab in your profile page. On the bottom click on "Add Friends." Your contact list will show and you can invite whomever you want.

Will there be other sports besides NBA, NFL, and MLB?

Yes. We are in the process of developing NHL, NCAA Basketball/Football, MMA, Boxing, and International Soccer.

What is the "Stadium"?

The Stadium is a live look-in at how you and other fans watching the game are calling the game, including trending play-calls. You can see how fans of specific teams are calling it as well as non-partisan sports fans.

Is this app only available for iPhone?

Yes... for now. We will be releasing the android version in the coming months.